Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue (right) and M&A Director of Bulgaria’s SoPharma Group Dimitar Naydenov

At these meetings, Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue said one of the focuses of his official visit is to seek opportunities and promote trade, investment and business activities between Vietnamese and Bulgarian enterprises in particular and others in Europe.

Appreciating the cooperation of SoPharma, a leading pharmaceutical company from Bulgaria operating in Vietnam, he said Vietnam identifies investment in protecting, caring for and improving people's health as investment in development.

Dimitar Naydenov assessed Vietnam as a potential market in which businesses are aiming to expand investment, and considered the country the gateway to the ASEAN market. He shared that his group has worked with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health to seek information to promote investment and drug production in Vietnam.

With about 30 years of cooperation in Vietnam, SoPharma’s goal in the coming time is to expand the market, so he hopes that Vietnamese authorities will consider granting licenses with more convenient procedures for SoPharma pharmaceutical products.

The top legislator said that Vietnam is improving its business and investment environment to attract foreign investment. The group can cooperate with Vietnamese partners to learn about local laws. He also hoped they could learn conditions for circulation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, and invest in researching and producing drugs to treat tropical diseases in Vietnam. The company can also research the production of veterinary drugs, he added.

Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue (right) and Managing Director in Bulgaria headquarters of Denmark’s DSV Group Krasimira Vandeva

Receiving Krasimira Vandeva, the N.A. Chairman appreciated the mission and target of DSV Group - one of Denmark’s leading groups in road, waterway and air transportation sector, and its opening of representative offices in Vietnamese cities.

The dynamic development of the Vietnamese economy, now ranking 38th globally, is creating conditions for the two countries to further cooperation in transportation, he stressed.

He affirmed that the Vietnamese Government is working to facilitate business and investment activities.

Source: VNA