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The article featured many illustration photos highlighting the beauty of the Vietnamese traditional event, describing it as the most sacred festival of the year, eagerly anticipated by Vietnamese people around the world. It said the occasion sees those who work far from home yearn to reunite with their families and enjoy the sense of togetherness.

According to the author, Tet is annually celebrated on the first days of the lunar New Year across Vietnam and all countries where Vietnamese reside. On this occasion, families worship their ancestors, gather, visit relatives, offer blessings, and give lucky money to the elderly and children.

The article emphasised that traditional Tet customs, such as the Day of the Kitchen Deities, traditional cake making, house cleaning, first footing, and folk games, are still preserved, bearing distinctive cultural traits and reflecting the national identity.

It said Tet holds significant meanings with nice customs that need to be preserved and promoted especially in the process of international integration, as all these elements constitute the soul and unique identity of the Vietnamese people.

Source: VNA