At the congress held in Paris’s suburban Montreuil city on November 18, Daviot said the diverse ties will cover economy, politics and culture, helping address challenges to the two countries in many sectors, including education-training, health care, water resources protection and climate change response.

At the congress

He highlighted Vietnam’s position in Southeast Asia and the success of the Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders’ Meeting that recently took place in Vietnam’s Central Da Nang city.

Vietnam is facing a range of major challenges, including those relating to climate change like sea level rise in the Mekong Delta, salt water intrusion and unusual floods, he said, describing the patterns as big threats to national economic development.

Such issues were discussed at the conference on non-concentrated cooperation between Vietnamese and French localities in September 2017 and mentioned in many programs and initiatives launched by the association, he noted.

Daviot said the FVFA has also implemented an array of initiatives to promote Vietnam in general and its culture, achievements and position in the world in particular, along with revealing challenges and difficulties facing the country.

The association has raised voice to help Vietnam protect its sovereignty and sovereign right in the East Sea (South China Sea) and support the campaign to gain justice for Vietnamese Agent Orange/dioxin victims, he said.

Source: VNA