Revenue of these exports was estimated at USD 32.3 billion, up 12.2% year-on-year, while imports was estimated at USD 26 billion, up 1.6%.

So far this year, Vietnam has enjoyed about 6.3 billion USD in trade surplus in agriculture, forestry and fishery products, nearly doubling that the same period in 2021.

Vietnamese fresh coconuts exported to Japan

From January-July, shipments of key agricultural products totaled USD 13.3 billion, up 8.4%. Aquatic exports saw a significant surge of 34.2% to nearly USD 6.7 billion. Forestry exports also increased 1.3% to USD 10.4 billion during the period.

There were four exports whose value reached over USD 2 billion, namely coffee, rice, shrimp, and wood products.

Exports posting high growth included coffee (46.2%), rubber (7%), rice (9%),   pepper (11.7%), tra fish (83.6%), and shrimp (26.2%).

In the reviewed period, the export value of Vietnam's agriculture, forestry and fishery products to markets in Asia accounted for 42.4% of the market share, followed by the Americas (29.3%), Europe (11.9%), Oceania (1.7%), and Africa (1.6%).

The US remained Vietnam’s biggest buyer, purchasing nearly USD 8.7 billion worth of the products, or 26.8% of the total.

It was followed by China, with import value of 5.7 billion USD, accounting for 17.8 percent of the total.

Source: VNA