Many experts and scientists held that in order to deal with cyber security problems, it is necessary to complete the information infrastructure system and improve information equipment to ensure cyber security and safety for central and local agencies, key infrastructure systems and important economic groups.

At the operation center on cyber security of Binh Phuoc (Photo: MIC).

Particularly, adequate and continuous protection measures should be applied in all important national information systems from the stage of design, construction to development, operation and use, they stressed.

Col. Hoang Minh Hue from the Department of Public Security History, Science and Strategy (DHSS) under Ministry of Public Security said that the ministry should strengthen coordination with the Ministry of Science and Technology to build specific plans and solutions to deal with the issue.

At the same time, the ministry should focus more on developing human resources to play the core role in ensuring security for digital economy by combining training with updating science-technology knowledge, especially digital technology, said Hue.

Speaking at a recent national scientific conference on protection of national sovereignty in cyberspace, Minister of Public Security To Lam said that the issue of developing and mastering cyberspace security has become one of the urgent tasks to which many countries pay special attention.

Vietnam has been facing many new challenges as cyber attacks targeted its critical information infrastructure, he noted, adding that websites and portals of state agencies, police forces, organizations and businesses had personal data stolen for property appropriation.

The country has also seen cybercrimes relating to e-commerce, investment, insurance or the trade of gold and cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Vietnam has not yet fully mastered technology as many companies that provide user services or operate technology for the country have been managed by foreigners, the official said, warning of potential risks to the country's information security.

Lam said that to further ensure national sovereignty in cyberspace, the police force should continue synchronously deploying solutions to ensure security of national information systems.

The police must work harder to detect, fight and prevent cyber attacks, cyber espionage, conspiracies, and online sabotage activities of hostile and reactionary forces, he stressed.

Source: VNA