The article said Vietnam has switched from “Zero COVID” strategy to safe and flexible adaptation to and effective control of the pandemic to maintain economic activities.

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In order to achieve a solid macro-economic foundation, the Vietnamese Government offered unprecedented support to firms and residents hit by the pandemic while making timely policy adjustments.

Each locality also took own measures to achieve the dual goal of fighting the pandemic and restoring economic development, it said, adding that such policies and strategies have strengthened public trust on the Government and encouraged residents to join hands in the process.

According to the Bernama, Vietnam’s foreign trade surpassed USD 660 billion, up 21 percent, with a trade surplus of nearly USD 2.1 billion. Notably, foreign direct investment in the country topped USD 29 billion, or around USD 500 million higher than that in 2020. Its gross domestic product growth is estimated at 2.58 percent this year.

The article quoted Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh as saying that existing difficulties faced by the country are only temporary. He highlighted advantages, potential and new driving forces for long-term national development, with a solid and stable economic balance.

Source: VNA