The scheme will last until October 25, 2025, and applies to Chevrolet Spark units assembled by General Motors (GM) Vietnam between March 2013 and December 2015. VinFast has acquired the operation of the GM since 2018.

Chevrolet Spark cars

The checking and replacement will last 8-32 hours for each unit free of charge.

According to Vietnam Register, floor mats containing Bromine and details under the car such as the seat frame, seat rails, seat belt racks, fuel tank cap levers can be corroded under conditions of high temperature and humidity of the climate in Vietnam. This is not a big problem because the natural corrosion process is slow, every car is the same.

If bromine comes into contact with metal parts under the carpet, it can cause the corrosion process to take place faster, causing damage to components and affecting vehicle safety.

So far, the agency has received no report related to incidents caused by the error.

However, it advised owners of cars in Chevrolet Spark model to promptly take their cars to VinFast service centers and dealers for checking and replacing floor panels and other details if necessary.

Source: VNA