The two companies will establish a joint venture with the right to use ProLogium’s patents to manufacture solid-state batteries for electric cars in the country.

VF31 electric vehicle model of VinFast

The joint venture is permitted to use the MAB MAB (Multi-Axis Bipolar+) technology from ProLogium to produce CIM/CIP solid-state battery packs.

This is a strategic step for VinFast in mastering battery technology for electric vehicles, laying a foundation for its research and development of smart and advanced electric vehicles in the future.

The use of solid-state batteries will help VinFast electric cars go longer distances, reduce charging time, and increase the total number of times they can be charged.

ProLogium is a leading maker of solid-state lithium battery technology and in 2017 became the first in the world to have a line for testing solid-state battery technology for automotive applications.

The partnership with ProLogium is part of VinFast’s roadmap to becoming a global smart electric automobile brand.

It previously announced three new self-driving electric vehicles using AI and other outstanding smart features: VF31, VF32, and VF33.

The company is installing charging stations around the country, with the goal of having over 40,000 for electric motorcycles and cars by the end of this year.

Source: VNA