French consumers tasting Vietnamese lychees

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on the occasion of the Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2021 held by the Vietnamese community in Paris (France) on June 19, lychees and many other agricultural products from Vietnam were introduced and attracted a large number of consumers.

The Vietnamese lychees were first placed in the center of a stall in the middle of the fair in Paris, attracting the attention of local people.

A representative of authorities of the French capital’s District 5, where the event took place, said that this was the first time that Vietnamese lychees were present at Monge Square, and he was so surprised to see consumers’ attraction to the fruit. Vietnamese lychees have made a big contribution to the event.

The festival and similar events are a good chance for French consumers to know more about Vietnamese agricultural produces. In fact, not only Vietnamese lychees but also other specialties such as sugarcane juice and fresh coconut water also left a deep impression on French consumers.

Translated by Minh Anh