The agro-forestry-fishery sector expanded by 3.36%, contributing 5.11% to the total added value of the whole economy. The industry-construction sector grew by 7.78%, contributing 38.24% while the service industry rose by 9.99%, making a 56.55% contribution to the economy.

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About the economic structure 2022, the agro-forestry-fishery sector accounted for a proportion of 11.88%, industry and construction 38.26%, services 41.33% and product taxes, exclusive of product subsidies, 8.53%.

With an annual growth of 7.18%, final consumption contributed to 49.32% of the general growth. Asset accumulation rose by 5.75%, contributing 22.59%, while trade in exports, imports and services adding 28.09%.

GDP per capita was estimated at 95.6 million VND (4,110 USD), up 393 USD from 2021 while labor productivity was at 188.1 million VND (8,083 USD)/laborer, marking a year-on-year rise of 622 USD year on year.

Thanks to the Government's and Prime Minister’s directions, the macro-economy remained stable with inflation put under control and major balances guaranteed. Improved business environment and social security have also contributed to socio-economic recovery and development, thus garnering trust and support of the people and business community, Huong stressed.

Source: VNA