Tea export value to China skyrockets. (Photo for illustration: vov.vn)

China imported 426 tons of tea from Vietnam in the two months, representing rises of 121% in volume and 411.2% in value.

The average tea export price in February alone surged by over 10% to more than 1,641 USD per ton.

China’s reopening of its border after the COVID-19 pandemic is the main factor behind the strong growth of tea exports to this huge market, reported the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Tea exports to Pakistan also enjoyed an upward trend, reaching 5,300 tons worth 9.4 million USD, up 5.8% in volume year-on-year.

Although Taiwan (China) is Vietnam’s second largest tea consumer, tea exports to this market declined slightly over the two-month period. Statistics show Vietnam shipped 1,500 tons worth 2.4 million USD to the market, down 8.1% in volume but up 3.8% in value year-on-year.

Statistics also indicate that while tea exports to Russia, Indonesia, and the United States saw sharp falls, exports to other markets such as Iraq, China, and Saudi Arabia increased significantly.

Overall, Vietnam exported 13,600 tons of tea worth 22.6 million USD in the reviewed period, down 7.9% in volume and 3.1% in value compared to last year’s corresponding period, but the average export price of the product picked up 5.2% to more than 1,643 USD per ton.

Source: VNA