Specifically, the price of biofuel E5 RON92 was down 51 VND to 14,215 VND (0.61 USD) per liter at the highest, and those of diesel 0.05S and kerosene were capped at 11,128 VND per liter, and 9,449 VND, a fall of 390 VND and 144 VND per liter, respectively.

The price of biofuel E5 RON92 is down 51 VND to 14,215 VND (0.61 USD) per liter at the highest. Photo: zing

Mazut 180CST 3.5S is sold at no more than 10,826 VND per kilogram, down 117 VND per kilogram.

Meanwhile, the price of RON95 is kept unchanged at 14,984 VND per liter.

In order to set these prices, the ministries have used the Price Stabilization Fund for RON95 gasoline at 100 VND per liter, diesel at 400 VND, and kerosene at 200 VND.

The ministries said that complicated developments of the COVID-19 outbreak have caused critical impacts on the global economy’s capacity to recover; thus, affecting the demand for fuel and energy. Global petrol prices have been moving down, except for RON95, which has been sold at higher price in the past 15 days.

Source: VNA