A motorcyclist has his vehicle refilled at a petrol station in Hanoi.

The price of E5RON92 went up 517 VND per litre to 23,339 VND (0.98 USD) per litre while that of RON95-III by 608 VND per litre to 24,601 VND per litre.

The price of the 0.05S diesel oil fell slightly, by 71 VND per litre, to 22,354 VND per litre.

Kerosene and the 180 CST mazut oil are now priced at 22,309 VND per litre and 17,981 VND per kilogram, respectively rising 420 VND per litre and 163 VND per kilogram.

In this price adjustment, the ministries decided not to extract money from petrol sales for or use money from the fuel price stabilisation fund.

Since the start of 2023, petrol prices have undergone 24 adjustments, comprising 14 increases, seven decreases, and three unchanged.

Source: VNA