The three-day event is intended to promote cross-border e-commerce and open up cooperation opportunities for regional firms.

More than 300 businesses attend ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022. (Photo:

Co-hosted by Cambodia -- ASEAN Chair 2022, Singapore and Vietnam, the program has two tiers for domestic and cross-border transactions. There are currently 185 enterprises out of the 300 firms that have registered to conduct business in Vietnam.

Information about the event as well as the participating businesses is available on its official website at, which has been integrated into ASEAN’s website

Notably, the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) will be applied during this year’s program to ensure rights and interests of consumers.

Reputable e-commerce businesses and platforms in the 10 ASEAN countries will launch a series of special discounts for consumers.

Enterprises and platforms will coordinate to implement a cross-border online shopping program across ASEAN.

In the context of post-pandemic economic recovery and participation in new generation free trade agreements, the ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 will be an important step for ASEAN to show solidarity and promote its potential for e-commerce and online transactions, access favorable policies, and improve the value of products and services.

Source: VNA