As scheduled, the project will be completed in 2023, lifting the total length of the wharf system to 2,368m, enabling the handling of over 80 million tonnes of goods per year.

The Long An international port to be expanded to enabling its berths No. 8 and No.9 to receive 100,000DWT ships

DTG also has a plan to build a terminal serving ships transporting gas, oil and other liquids, turning the Long An international port into a multi-purpose seaport.

The Long An international port covers an area of 147 ha, including 7 wharves with a total length of  1,670m, which are capable of receiving 30,000-70,000 DWT ships, and four barge berths that are able to accommodate barges of 2,000 tonnes. It boasts experience and other favourable factors in handling super-sized and super-weight items which require complicated cargo handling process.

In 2020, the port signed strategic cooperation agreements with partners in the Mekong Delta region, helping businesses reduce costs, improve competitiveness and maximise operation efficiency.

Previously, on January 22, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between representatives of the port and those from units specialising in developing major wind power projects in Vietnam.

Source: VNA