Six of the 11 groups of main consumer goods and services witnessed price increases, three others saw price decreases and two remained unchanged.

A man chooses toys for toddlers at a supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City.

During the month, prices of housing, fuel and construction materials increased by 0.59%, equipment and household appliances by 0.01% and other services and goods rose by 0.43%.

Meanwhile, a decline was seen in the transportation sector (2.95%) and posts and telecommunications (0.29%).

According to the office, the city’s CPI increased by 4.01% in the first five months of this year, except for the posts and telecommunications group which decreased by 0.26% and the transportation by 3.23%.

Groups with high growth include restaurants and food service increased by 4.51%; beverages and tobacco (4.62%); housing and construction materials (5.13%); culture and entertainment (5.29%) and education (15.29%).

Gold price in May increased 0.1% while the price of U.S. dollar fell by 0.06 compared to those in April.

Source: VNA