Hanoi's CPI increases 0.49% in February.

February's result pushed the total CPI increase in the first two months of this year to 2.75% year-on-year.

In February, an upturn was seen in the price of seven out of 11 goods groups, led by petrol at 5.46% and transportation at 1.99%.

Meanwhile, seven groups experiencing a price decrease included culture, entertainment and tourism (0.49%); food and catering services (0.24%); and postal and telecommunications services (2.87%). The price of education services remained unchanged.

In the first two months of 2023, nine out of 11 groups of goods recorded a year-on-year rise in prices, with the highest seen in culture, entertainment and tourism at 8.58%.

Drops of 2.68% and 0.29% were recorded in the prices of education and postal and telecommunications services, respectively.

In February, the capital city welcomed 340,000 visitors, up 11.7% over January, and 3.2 times higher than the number of a year ago. The two-month figure reached 644,000, tripling that in the same period last year.

Source: VNA