The city will need about 75,000 workers for the third quarter and another 80,000 for the fourth, the center said, pointing out that the fields that need work hands range from marketing, business, sales, engineering to banking, automobile, personnel management, electronics and chemicals.

At a job fair in Ho Chi Minh City

Director of the center Tran Thi Anh Dao elaborated that the second half of the year will be the time when enterprises and businesses need more human resources to boost their production and services to meet the rising demand during the festivals which often come in the period. Besides, they also need to complete their yearly orders while students will graduate from their education or take long vocations.

To stabilize and develop business and production, Dao held that firms should pay attention to workers so that they will have a chance to demonstrate their ability and to get promoted. On the other side, workers also need to raise their adaptability, improve their knowledge and expertise as well as their working quality, thus meeting their employers’ requirements.

According to the center, the labor market in the city has so far this year seen a positive increase and changes suitable to the city’s development trend. Experts hold that the need for highly-skilled workers is rising, and the addition of graduates to the workforce has a role to play in the increasing competitiveness in the market.

Source: VNA