In his opening remarks, Nguyen Van Chi, Deputy Chief of the coordinating office for the new-style rural area building program of Hanoi, said this is an important event under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s direction to help organizations and individuals advertise OPCP products and specialties of regions across Vietnam.

Some five-star OCOP products exhibited at the event in Hanoi

The OCOP program looks to have at least 10,000 products nationwide by 2025. It is a focus of economic development efforts in rural areas and also a crucial task in the implementation of the national target program on new-style rural area building for 2021 - 2025.

Hanoi is currently home to 1,649 OCOP products, including four rated five stars, 1,098 rated four stars, and 534 rated three stars. They include 1,071 food products, 35 beverage products, 17 herbal products, 492 handicraft products, and 34 fabric and apparel ones.

These items have quickly gained a foothold in the market, helping local residents expand production, increase product value, and improve their material and spiritual life, Chi noted.

Source: VNA