The hybrid event brought together many cabinet members, scientists, and representatives from ministerial and governmental bodies, international organizations, universities, research institutes, and enterprises.

At the conference

In his opening remarks, PM Chinh said it is among a series of four conferences hosted by the Government to stabilize and develop the main markets in Vietnam, with the first three on the real estate, finance, and labor markets.

He described developing the market as one of the key tasks to promote the growth of science and technology and accelerate innovation in a bid to boost productivity, product quality, efficiency, and competitiveness in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The conference formed part of the efforts to make science and technology the main force of production, paving the way for Vietnamese firms to produce more hi-tech products and services and improving the economy’s competitiveness, he said.

Discussion focused on analyzing the operation of the market, outlining strengths and weaknesses of its main players in Vietnam and evaluating the interaction and coordination among these actors.

Attendees also exchanged views on how to make use of intermediaries to ramp up transactions and circulation of science and technology products, and ways to expand national infrastructure for the market to reach the regional and global standards.

They also proposed ways to improve institutional and policy framework for the development of the market and to strengthen the State’s role in directing, regulating, and effectively supporting the market expansion in the coming time.

Source: VNA