A subsidiary of Vietnam’s software giant FPT has defeated its rivals from the US, Canada, Singapore and Europe to secure a contract worth nearly 10 million USD on supplying financial management information system (FMIS) for Cambodia.

The FPT IS and the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance on January 23 kick-started work of the project, which is expected to help Cambodia further enhance its financial and budget management capacity.

As the main contractor, the Vietnamese company will get involved in launching the system in 31 central and local units of the Cambodian Treasury within 26 months, starting from January 2014.

FPT IS General Director Duong Dung Trieu said before FMIS, his company was undertaking similar projects for the Vietnam Tax General Department and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

FPI IS has aimed to earn 200 million USD in revenue from foreign markets by 2018, focusing on those in the US, Japan, Europe, Singapore, Laos, and Cambodia.

Source: VNA