Intertec International in Costa Rica (Photo: congthuong)

This investment is aligned with the strategic direction of FPT, which is intended to optimize the efficiency of combining resources of its service centers in the U.S. and ones in neighboring markets.

Pursuant to the investment agreement, FPT Software is entitled to access and allocate resources of Intertec's 2 service centers in Costa Rica and Colombia.

This deal also enables FPT Software to tap into Intertec’s wealth of operational experience in Latin America (LATAM). On this account, FPT Software would be able to expand business opportunities in the U.S. and LATAM, and address increasing demand in these two markets.

With this cooperation, Intertec International will also gain competitive advantages from the resonance of FPT Software's resources, including platforms, infrastructure, and proprietary technology developed by FPT Software, with a network of 22 service centers worldwide.

Source: VNA