A corner of Vietnam-Singapore industrial park in Binh Duong

The southern province generated nearly 19 billion USD from exports and spent some 12.7 billion USD on imports, according to head of the provincial Statistics Office Ngo Van Mit.

Its largest market in H1 was the U.S. which imported about 6.4 billion USD worth of goods and services from Binh Duong, followed by the E.U. (2.2 billion USD), the Republic of Korea and Japan (over 1.8 billion USD), and Taiwan (China) (over 1.4 billion USD).

Binh Duong reported a quite impressive growth of 6.84% in Gross Regional Domestic Products (GRDP) during the period; with industry and construction expanding 7.58%; services 6.60%, and agriculture, forestry and fisheries, 2.95%.

More than 3,300 enterprises have newly established in the province from January-June, registering total capital of nearly 21.26 trillion VND (911.86 million USD).

It also raked in over 2.5 billion USD in foreign direct investment (FDI).

Source: VNA