As the CNAO is an important and traditional partner of the SAV, Phoc hoped both audit offices will continue collaboration in accordance with bilateral and multilateral cooperation frameworks, including enhancing delegation exchanges in IT auditing, big data auditing, IT application in auditing, environmental auditing, and auditing of economic responsibility, among others.

The SAV wants to receive further support and closer coordination from the Chinese side at multilateral forums, he said, wishing leaders of both audit agencies would hold regular meetings to boost collaboration as Vietnam is assuming the chairmanship, and China is holding the role as General Secretary of the ASOSAI during 2018-2021.

Both officials sign a Memorandum of Understanding to consolidate and step up cooperation framework.

The move will help both sides successfully carry out the ASOSAI Strategic Plan for the term 2018-2021, and the Hanoi Declaration on Environmental Auditing for sustainable development.

Phoc stressed Vietnam expects to receive China’s endorsement for the country’s membership at the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)’s governing board for the 2019-2025 tenure.

For her part, Hu Zejun affirmed his office will continue collaborative activities with the Vietnamese office as well as organize exchanges of experts and training courses in the fields of their interests.

The CNAO stands ready to share experience with Vietnam in improving capacity for auditors, she added.

Following the meeting, both officials signed a Memorandum of Understanding to consolidate and step up cooperation framework as well as effective collaboration in public auditing based on equality, mutual benefits and complying with regulations in each country.

The same day, Phoc met with President of Kuwait’s State Audit Bureau (SAB) Adel Al-Sarawi, during which Phoc congratulated the SAB on its 55th anniversary, and thanked SAB for supporting Vietnam to host the 54th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting, creating a venue for the members to discuss measures to carry out the Hanoi Declaration and build the ASOSAI strategic plan for new tenure.

Phoc expressed his hope that both sides will have more cooperative activities in oil and gas auditing, IT auditing and mining auditing.

Reviewing the success of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly, Adel Al-Sarawi said the Hanoi Declaration is an important document, outlining specific tasks to build stable relations between the two audit agencies and among ASOSAI members as a whole.

Touching on challenges and advantages in auditing, he said both sides will continue research to re-sign their cooperative agreement, organize delegation exchanges in the auditing fields of their strengths.

Source: VNA