This is part of economic diplomatic activities implemented by the Vietnamese Embassy in conjunction with the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia.

At the event

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the program in Melbourne on November 20, Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Nguyen Tat Thanh said that Vietnam's tra and basa have long been popular in many choosy markets such as the U.S., Europe and Japan. In Australia, these products are also very famous and present in most supermarkets and food stores across the country.

The program is expected to be carried out in many different locations in Australia, including an online “Pangasius Expo” with the participation of nearly 100 businesses in early December.

On the same day, Ambassador Thanh announced a plan to develop the brand of Vietnamese frozen passion fruit in the Australian market. He said that three tons of the fruit are being shipped to Australia.

This shipment will soon arrive at the Australian port in the coming days, marking the first time Vietnam's frozen passion fruit has been present in the country.

The ambassador shared that the embassy is actively negotiating with Australia so that Vietnam's fresh passion fruit can be licensed to be imported into the country.

Source: VNA