The fruits are selected in orchards in Mai Son district. According to the exporter, the Kim Nhung Produce Trading Limited Company, mangoes grown at Mai Son are of high quality, boast a nice appearance, and are of a standard weight and size suitable for the US market.

Dinh Kim Nhung, head of the company, said local orchards are endowed with rich soil and rarely plagued by insects, so high yields are a regular occurrence.

Farmers in Mai Son district of Son La province sort mangoes to prepare for export

Vu Tien Dinh, Chairman of the district’s People’s Committee, said numerous communications programs have been held to promote local mangoes and growers have attended cultivation classes.

Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Vice Chairman of the Son La People’s Committee, highlighted the importance of this first batch, saying it confirms that Mai Son’s mangoes meet the requirements of demanding markets.

Mai Son’s mango orchards exceed 2,600 ha, of which 145 ha meet VietGap standards. The total harvestable area is over 1,250 ha, yielding 14,000 tons annually.

The district has sold more than 5,000 tons of mangoes in the domestic market this year and exported 1,600 tons to China.

Son La has emerged as a major fruit growing province in recent years. Besides mango, the province plans to export more than 30,000 tons of other fruits such as longan and plump this year.

Source: VNA