He applauded the group’s manufacturing of export products and charitable activities in Vietnam, especially those targeting the poor and natural disaster victims.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) receives Pou Chen Group's CEO Tsai Pei-Chun 
He also spoke highly of Pou Chen’s attention to training Vietnamese personnel so that they can hold important positions in the group’s branch in the country.

Pou Chen should continue improving both material and spiritual life of its Vietnamese employees, PM Phuc noted.

He affirmed that the Vietnamese Government is committed to ensuring a stable macro-economy and providing the best possible conditions for all economic sectors to do business.

The Government leader asked Pou Chen to expand operations in Vietnam, suggesting the firm to consider investing in agriculture, especially hi-tech agriculture, since Vietnam has great potential in this field.

Tsai said her group employs more than 460,000 workers around the world, including over 160,000 in Vietnam.

She affirmed that aside from production activities, it has always paid heed to employees’ life and social welfare, showing its responsibility towards the society. Pou Chen will set up a social fund to promote charitable activities in Vietnam, she noted.

She said the group is committed to long-term operations in Vietnam and complying with regulations on environmental protection. In the time ahead, Pou Chen will make upgrades to improve production activities and continue training Vietnamese employees to take charge of the firm’s important positions here.

Source: VNA