At Garco 10

The company will sign an outsourcing contract with Uniqlo, thus supplying garment products for the Japanese brand for export to Japan, Viet said.

Uniqlo products are popular in Vietnam. The brand has 836 outlets in Japan, 416 others in China, 39 in the US and 27 across Europe. It has one new outlet established every week.

Besides, Garco 10 will also partner with Aeon Group to bring its products to the Japanese market.

Previously, Director General of AEON Vietnam Nishitoghe Yasuo said many Vietnamese exporters have shipped their products, such as tra fish, fruits, garments-textiles, foods and household utensils to Japan via its supermarkets.

In 2016, AEON imported about 200 million USD of made-in-Vietnam commodities, mainly apparel products and foods, he said, adding that the Japanese retailer plans to order more from Vietnam soon.

Garco 10’s export earnings to the Japanese market now account for 12 percent of its export turnover.

Source: VNA