At the event, Deputy PM Quang affirmed that the Vietnamese Government treasures and pays special attention to the LEGO plant in the Southern province of Binh Duong which is built in line with the global development trend and one of important solutions for the country to concretize the net-zero commitment it made at the U.N. Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP 26).

Deputy PM Tran Luu Quang (right) and Chief Operations Officer of the Denmark-based LEGO Group Carsten Rasmussen

LEGO plant will be a standout example for Vietnam’s foreign investment attraction in the coming time since it initiates a green production method that the country and the whole world are heading towards, he said, stressing the plant is a vivid illustration for the commitments of the two countries’ leaders on enhancing bilateral investment and trade ties.

He spoke highly of the efforts made by ministries, sectors and Binh Duong province to remove bottlenecks and push ahead the construction of the plant.

Quang expressed his hope that Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolai Prytz and LEGO leaders will continue working to call for Danish firms to land investment in Vietnam.

Carsten Rasmussen thanked the Vietnamese Government, ministries, sectors and the locality for their support for LEGO to develop its plant which is sixth and first-ever carbon-neutral one in the world.

LEGO is working with Binh Duong province to build a solar energy farm to serve the plant, and it is expected to become operational on the outset of 2025, he said.

Meanwhile, the Danish diplomat stressed that the one-billion-USD LEGO plant is the largest overseas project of Denmark and also a typical model for green and sustainable development.

He said he has been impressed by Vietnam’s strong commitment to the net-zero target by 2050, holding its efforts to realize the goal will help the country hold competitive edge in attracting foreign investments.

Source: VNA