Vice director of the department Tran Phu Loc Thanh said there remains huge potential for Can Tho and Japanese businesses to set up and expand cooperation because the advantages of Can Tho city are suitable for the demand of the Japanese side.

Participants at the meeting

Can Tho hopes that the association will serve as a bridge calling on Japanese investors to take part in important projects of the city in the future, Thanh said, affirming the locality’s commitment to accompany and coordinate with Japanese investors so that the two sides can achieve harmonized interests.

Attorney general of the association Yasunaga Kojiro expressed his interest in the potential and advantages of Can Tho for the development of the Mekong Delta, saying that Japanese businesses have enough financial resources to invest in crucial projects in the city.

However, the two sides need to have more surveys and investigations to achieve specific cooperation projects, he said.

According to Kojiro, the number of people working in agriculture in Japan will decrease sharply in the next five years, so Japanese businesses have paid special attention to investing in this field in the Mekong Delta. The projects introduced by the city are suitable for this demand, so they will attract more Japanese investors.

At the event, Can Tho’s representatives introduced important projects that are calling for investment in the city, including a center for linking production, processing, and consumption of  agricultural products in the Mekong Delta, and a tier-2 regional logistics center.

The association groups many large and famous Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Daiwa House, and Mitsui Corporation, with many of them having been investing and operating effectively in Vietnam.

Source: VNA