In the letter, PM Chinh wrote, “I am very pleased that our country’s women’s football team has successfully defended the “queen” for the 7th time at SEA Games 31, including 3 times in a row.

Vietnam defeat Thailand to earn gold in women’s football.

More than 2 months ago, when I met to congratulate and reward the women’s football team for their first excellent performance at the World Cup 2023, I wished “diamond girls” and “diamond coaches” of Vietnamese sports to achieve the highest results at the SEA Games 31 as their immediate goal.

The medals of the women’s football team, as well as other sports, reflected the great sacrifice and their determination of overcoming difficulties. When the national flag is being raised, the national anthem is being played in the medal awarding moment, each of us is proud and wants to express our deep gratitude to the athletes, the coaches…

Along with the Party and State, I call on organizations, individuals and businesses to pay attention to and support our country’s sports teams. I will have a meeting with all the collectives and individuals who have won medals after the SEA Games to congratulate our country’s sports delegation.

Once again I congratulate the women’s football team on their victory, which will inspire Vietnamese sports to overcome difficulties to achieve the best results in the coming competitions.”

Translated by Song Anh