PANO – Annually, on the first days of a lunar new year, Tay and Nung ethnic minority groups in Southern provinces celebrate their traditional festival, named Long Tong or Ooc Tong.

Long Tong festival, to worship the God of agriculture, has been considered the “Live spiritual museum” of Tay and Nung people with a variety of cultural activities and rituals, showing the diversity of their spiritual lives and cultural values and relationship.

The long-standing festival aims to pray for an abundant crop, good health, a prosperous New Year, and happy family life as well as create an opportunity for locals to enjoy a new atmosphere after a hard-working year. The event is also a chance for young girls and boys to find their partners.

In the rituals, people brief the God on their production and daily activities last year and thank the God for creating favourable conditions for abundant crops and good health.

After the rituals, locals take part in some games, such as lion dance, stick dance, “nem con” (throwing a sacred ball through the ring), crossbow shooting, stilt walking, to name but a few.

Here are some photos of the Long Tong festival held in the Culture-Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups in Dong Mo, Son Tay town, Hanoi.

The festival goers enjoying a performance of folk music of Tay ethnic people
State President Truong Tan Sang taking part in “nem con” game
Tay ethnic people starting their production
Various games held during the festival to promote the solidarity between troops and locals
Translated by Son Ca