The tourney attracts over 120 players

Four international players are officers from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the Laos People’s Armed Forces.

At the awards ceremony, the organizers, including the Vietnam Military History Museum and the Vietnam Chess Federation, presented 22 gold, 24 silver, 32 bronze medals and 56 consolation prizes to top players.

Addressing the event, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Le, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Military History Museum said that the museum is willing to continue to work with the Vietnam Chess Federation to develop the commander chess, contributing to popularizing Vietnam’s smartness to the world.

Top players receive prizes

Commander chess was developed in Vietnam ten years ago. This smart sports has received high appreciation from foreign players.

A commander chessboard has sea and river areas. Each chessman represents a kind of weaponry, equipment, and forces which engaged in Vietnam’s resistance war against foreign invaders. Playing commander chess helps players learn more about Vietnam’s history and its military.

Translated by Mai Huong