Taking place on April 16 or the 8th day of the third lunar month, the competition saw the participation of 13 teams representing 13 districts and townships in Phu Tho province.

At the cooking contest 

Regarding the category of “banh chung” (square glutinous rice cake), teams are set to compete in making 10 cakes from 5kg of glutinous rice, 1kg of green beans, and 1kg of pork within a maximum time of 10 minutes, with the boiling process lasting for five hours.

In the category of “banh giay” (round glutinous rice cake), artisans had to cook 5kg of glutinous rice into sticky rice in 30 minutes at the maximum, and then pound and shape them into 10 cakes in no more than 15 minutes.

The contest aimed to reenact the traditional ritual of presenting offerings to ancestors dating back to the time of Hung Kings. It is an opportunity to honor products made from rice, express gratitude and respect to the merit of the Hung Kings, and connect people of various ethnic groups in the province.

This year, the festival, one of the country’s largest annual cultural and religious events to commemorate its legendary founders, lasts from April 9-18.

The commemoration of the Hung Kings is a national holiday that takes place annually on the 10th day of the third lunar month, which falls on April 18 this year. The practice of worshiping them in Phu Tho was recognized by UNESCO as part of the world's intangible cultural heritage in 2012.

Source: VNA