President Vo Van Thuong (left) presents congratulating flowers to writer Vo Ba Cuong.

The novel features the life of the poet, who is also known as To Nhu (1766-1820) during his time in the Northern province of Thai Binh where he got married and lived for 10 years.

Writer Vo Ba Cuong, born in 1940 in Thai Binh, is a famous novelist who has been honored with many prestigious literature awards.

Participants agreed that the 16-chapter historical novel shows Cuong's strong working capacity despite his old age, giving readers an insight of the life of great poet Nguyen Du and his significant contributions to the national literature.

Poet Nguyen Du was recognized as a world-famous personality by UNESCO at its 37th General Assembly in Paris in 2013.

His literary masterpiece Truyen Kieu (The Tale of Kiều) is regarded as the most significant literary classic of Vietnam. The masterpiece has been translated into more than 20 languages and is cherished for its creativity, independent thinking and distillation of Vietnamese culture.

Source: VNA