“Chang Son’s bamboo fan market” by An Khang

Under the theme of “Craft villages and streets”, the exhibition features the three sections of “Craft villages”, “Handicrafts”, and “Culinary profession”.

In Section 1, the photos form a big picture depicting the bustling and busy craft villages in Hanoi with “Multi-metal mosaic artisan” in Kham Thien street, Dong Da district, “Artisans on Hang Bac street”, “The last family on To Tich Street keeps their wood lathing craft”, “Devoted to preservation of Hang Trong folk painting”, among others.

Section 2 describes real and lively activities at handicraft villages in the outskirts of the city. Photos include “The sophistication of Chang Son paper fans”, “Producing lamp-shades in Phu Vinh (Chuong My district), “Childhood in Chuong village (Thanh Oai district)”, “Bat Trang ceramics”, to name just a few.

Foreigners visiting the exhibition

However, “Culinary professions” in Section 3 has caught beautiful moments at villages where traditional specialties were made. Visitors can find the most amazing moments through “Carefully making cellophane noodles in So village (Quoc Oai district)”, “Sunny day”, “Young rice flake from Vong village - a flavor of Hanoi in autumn, “Thanh Tri roll rice cake”, and so on.

Eighty photos in the exhibition showcased the real and lively life in craft villages and streets in Hanoi to help domestic and foreign visitors feel the quintessence and uniqueness of craft villages and streets of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.

The event will run to October 13.

Translated by Trung Thanh