Over different periods of history, the material for masks has been changed. Paper-mache masks are popular in Vietnamese culture.

Especially, in mid-autumn festivals, paper masks are traditional toys associated with the childhood of many generations of Vietnamese children.

Up to now, paper-mache masks remain handmade and secure a certain position in the modern life.

Visiting Ong Hao village, Lieu Xa commune, Yen My district, Northern province of Hung Yen before mid-autumn festival, visitors can eye-witness the bustling atmosphere in which local people are doing their utmost to make more paper-mache masks to meet demands nationwide. The atmosphere here gives a good signal of the existence of such a folk toy. The mission of connecting, disseminating, and preserving traditional culture for younger generations is still being carried out.

The People’s Army Newspaper would like to introduce several photos of the making of paper-mache masks in Ong Hao village.

Making paper-mache masks is a trade in Ong Hao village, Lieu Xa commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province.
The paper is shredded, and then put into a cement mold and covered with a layer of mixture of cassava starch.
Masks have different shapes, featuring many characters such as the Earth God,  Thi No, Chi Pheo, to name but a few.
Apart from paper masks, Ong Hao village is famous for small drums which are traditional toys during mid-autumn festival.

Translated by Chung Anh