The festival, held in Ganh Hao townlet, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province, is one of the biggest whale worshiping festivals in the Mekong River Delta.

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This is a spiritual, cultural festival of the local fishermen community to pray for bountiful fish catches and safe sea voyages and to honor the whale, the “Great Deity of the Southern Sea,” for protecting fishermen and bringing good luck to everyone.

The festival is an opportunity to boost cultural exchange and solidarity between local fishermen and residents. During the festival, traditional activities, such as traditional art performances and games, cai luong (reformed theater), tuong (classical drama), dragon dances, sports events and, especially, the “nghinh ong” (whale processing) parade were held on April 14.

Thanks to good preparation and coordination of the festival organizing panel, the mausoleum management board of Lang Ong in Dong Hai district, the Culture and Information Office, the Traffic Safety Office, the Economy and Infrastructure Office, the medical centers, the public security force and the boat-owners of the two districts of Dong Hai and Dam Doi, the festival took place in order and ended with a success.

Translated by Trong Dat – Nguyet Minh