PANO - A gala evening, named “Military youths are proud of advancing under the Party’s flag” took place on September 24th at the Military Technical Academy in praise of the success of the tenth Military Party Congress for the term of 2015-2020, which concluded earlier on the same day.

The event, organized by the Military Youth Committee, drew the participation of more than 400 singers and artists of military art troupes and over 1,300 figurants.

In his opening speech, Sr. Lt. Gen. Phuong Minh Hoa, Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA), emphasized that the gala evening was one of practical activities featuring the sentiments, responsibilities and belief of youths in the whole army towards the 10th Military Party Congress. It also confirmed military youths’ pride of advancing under the Party’s flag and their determination of study and devotion to help improve the combined quality and combat strength of the Army in order to firmly defend the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The program, including two parts, namely “The Party’s flag” and “A constant oath”, has retold the story of the birth and rapid development of the VPA, whose officers and troops achieved a number of resounding feats of arms in the two resistance wars against French and American invaders, regaining independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity for the nation. It also emphasized military youths’ efforts to overcome difficulties to build a modern, revolutionary, regular, elite army and to accomplish the two strategic missions of building and defending the nation.

Following are some images of the meaningful gala evening.

A performance of youths from the CommandoOfficersTraining School

Lively scene entitled “Liberating Dien Bien”

A singing and dancing act named “Our squadron going on a sortie”

Singers performing the song “Five brothers on a tank”

The image of the flags of the Party and the nation dominated the program

Translated by Mai Huong

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