Delegates at the exchange

The program was broadcasted live on the national defense TV channel.

Present at the program were permanent members of the Central Military Commission and Director of the General Department of Politics General Luong Cuong, leaders of defense agencies and units, representatives of Central agencies and localities and more than 200 other delegates from defense agencies and military units, who have obtained outstanding achievements in implementing the movement over the past five years.

Delegates share their stories

The program included talk shows and music performances in praise of the good virtues of Uncle Ho’s Soldiers in the current context. All the delegates affirmed that officers and soldiers continue to promote the good virtues of Uncle Ho’s Soldiers, and that the movement has contributed to building a politically and militarily strong army and improving the military’s comprehensive combat capabilities.

Some delegates recalled examples of outstanding officers and soldiers, who with their steel will and strong resolve overcame difficulties and hardships at work and in life to obtain great achievements in their training and task performances. Meanwhile, other delegates shared valuable experience in effectively promoting the movement in their agencies and units, which contributed to building a comprehensively strong unit and improving the quality of their units’ military training and combat readiness.

A performance at the event

The talk shows alternated with music performances, highlighting soldiers’ sacrifices for national independence, freedom and reunification in the past as well as their great contributions to the current national construction and defense cause.

Speaking at the program, representatives of defense agencies and units all recognized the significant outcomes of the movement over the past five years and affirmed that they would direct their agencies and units to implement the movement more effectively in the coming time.

Translated by Thu Nguyen