Mr Franz Faber
A former German journalist who worked in Vietnam in the 1950s has decided to donate his personal collection of photos and films of President Ho Chi Minh to his Museum in Hanoi.

Franz Faber, who worked as the first residential correspondent of the German Democratic Republic’s ADN news agency in Vietnam, will pass the gift of 25 pictures and five films he made in 1955 through to the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany to forward onto the museum.

He recalled how he met with President Ho many times and was presented by the President with two French copies of Truyen Kieu (Kieu’s Story), a preeminent Vietnamese novel in verse.

Faber and his wife translated Truyen Kieu into German in 1957 and it debuted in Germany in 1965.

In his letter to the Vietnamese Embassy, the 92 year old man said though he has lived in many countries, he has the deepest feelings for Vietnam and he loves to recall his fine memories of the Asian country.

Source: VNA