At the event

The event saw the participants of 70 outstanding children aged 5-15 selected in the contest's qualifying round. They performed six collections of Ao Dai (Vietnam’s traditional gown) by designers David Minh Duc, Si Hoang, Ta Linh Nhan, Phuong Ho, Bui Thi Thom and Alana’s Kid.

The organizers selected the Top 20 and Top 10 candidates before announcing two winners, Nguyen Gia Bao from Yen Bai and Nguyen Tri Nam Kha from Binh Duong, who outperformed the others to claim the ambassador titles.

The festival and competition are expected to preserve and promote the Vietnamese traditional costumes and national identity among the young generation and make “ao dai” a symbol of inter-generation connections and one that keeps the nation’s soul.

Source: VNA