They are part of the series held in response to the Vietnam Family Day 2019.

As wedding is one of the standout traditional and cultural values of the nation, rituals for weddings of Vietnamese ethnic minorities will be featured at the center, with Pao Dung singing of the Red Dao ethnic group, Tang cau ritual in the wedding of Black Thai ethnic group, and tying threads around wrist ritual of the Khmer ethnic group, among others as highlights.

Art performance at last year festival

Besides, preparations for a wedding will be introduced as well, comprising costumes, jewelry, invitation card, marriage certificate, music and food.

The event will include the “warm shoulder” exhibition, which tells 20 stories about the roles of men in family.

The Department of Library and the National Library of Vietnam will bring to the center 500 publications about family culture and child protection code.

In addition, the event will raise public awareness of protecting children against violence and abuse through the display of 60 posters, as well as leaflets and materials.

Source: VNA