With 200 invaluable documentary photos, the exhibition consists of two parts, namely “President Ho Chi Minh’s relic site and monuments in Vietnam” and “President Ho Chi Minh’s relic site and monuments in the world.”

Cutting ribbon to launch the exhibition

During his revolutionary cause, President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in many countries and territories. Until now, the vestiges of President Ho Chi Minh have been left not only in Vietnam but also around the world, proving the deep respect of Vietnamese people and international friends towards President Ho Chi Minh.

In Vietnam, there are about 700 relic sites and 30 monuments, squares and more than 100 constructions dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh, contributing to affirming the significant role of President Ho Chi Minh in cultural and spiritual life of Vietnamese people, especially educating the Vietnamese youths.

Delegates touring the exhibition

Meanwhile, 35 constructions and monuments of President Ho Chi Minh have been built in the world. In addition, his name has been also given to schools, streets, and squares. The sites become popular for the locals as well as international tourists and many cultural events have been also held in these areas.

The relic sites contribute to promoting mutual understanding, solidarity and friendship as well as deepening relations between Vietnam and other countries. These are important contents in cultural diplomacy work – one of the pillars of foreign affairs, becoming a symbol of the traditional friendship between the Vietnamese people and international friends.

The exhibition is scheduled to last until October 30.

Translated by Minh Anh