Architecture of old houses at Cu Da old village

The exhibition features six typical old villages in Northern and Central Vietnam, including Cu Da, Tho Ha, An Truyen, Phuoc Tich, Nom, and Hanh Thien.

At the exhibition, viewers will learn more about Vietnam’s old villages via showcased documents.

At the event, Director of the Relics Preservation Institute Hoang Dao Cuong said that the four old villages of Phuoc Tich in Thua Thien - Hue, Duong Lam in Hanoi, Loc Yen in Quang Nam and Dong Hoa Hiep in Tien Giang are now recognized as national relic sites. They bear precious values of Vietnamese history, culture and architecture.

The cover of the first volume of the book "Vietnam's old villages' architecture."

As part of the exhibition, the organizer introduced the first volume of a book named “Vietnam’s old villages’ architecture.” They hope that volume 2 of the book will be released in the near future. 

Translated by Song Anh