PANO – The War Artifact Museum in Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City Cultural Heritage Association and the Ho Chi Minh City Culture and Art College held an exchange to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the General Offensive and Uprising in the 1968 Spring on March 22nd.

The event drew the participation of former revolutionists directly participating in the campaign 45 years ago and 100 youths from the Ho Chi Minh City Border Guard Command and Ho Chi Minh City Culture and Art College.

Delegates recalled glorious victories and sacrifices of their comrades during the campaign.

Hero of the People’s Armed Forces, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Tau (Tu Cang), Doctor Pham Thi Nguyet, participating in treating invalids and Pan Thi Tam, former conscripted labourer, told stories about their past experiences.

Via their stories, people and youths further understood about the fighting spirit of their fathers and brothers during the national liberation war.

Additionally, there were a number of cultural and art activities and games organized for youths.

Especially, several games and activities modeled after actions of soldiers in the past.

Translated by Hoang Quan