Director Kao Sieu Luc had before invented pink bread made with the tons of dragon fruit in the country that have been going unsold due to the coronavirus outbreak. Customers have flocked to the bakery store chains across the country to enjoy the new product.

Visitors seek information of the new moon cake at the festival

He said that with the hope to help dragon fruit farmers who are in despair because unsold tons of fruits in the warehouse, he had thought about new bread made from the fruit.

The moon cakes made with dragon fruit were displayed at the moon Cake Festival yesterday in Ho Chi Minh City. The dragon fruit moon cake with cheese pie and with tiramisu pie were attached with logo to celebrate 25 years of Vietnam - US relations. The US Consulate in Vietnam has ordered the two kinds of moon cakes to sell to residents in the US.

Speaking at the moon cake festival, Benjamin Petlock, Senior Agricultural Attaché at the US Embassy in Vietnam said that the two countries have achieved dramatic progress in the agriculture field during 25 years of cooperation. For instance, in 1995, the US earned around US$24 million from selling produces and food to Vietnam whereas in 2019, the US earned US$4 billion from agricultural product and food exports to Vietnam, which has been the sixth largest market of the US. Meantime, Vietnam’s export revenue from the agricultural sector to the US has leaped from US$173 million in 1995 to nearly $4 billion in 2019.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion for families to get together and children to enjoy moon cakes and play with star-shaped lanterns.

Source: SGGP