While Vincent Van Gogh had previously captivated the Vietnamese public through the Van Gogh Art Lighting Experience exhibition, drawing nearly 100,000 visitors, Claude Monet has been a much-anticipated name among art enthusiasts in Vietnam.

Monet, considered the "founder" of the Impressionist art movement, created masterpieces such as Water Lilies and Woman with a Parasol, offering a profound experience that continues to resonate with viewers.

Visitors at the “Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience” exhibition

The exhibition uses cutting-edge projection technology, interactive elements, 3D mapping, and world-class techniques to recreate the renowned works of these two artists.

Attendees will have the opportunity to admire nearly 100 masterpieces by Monet, delving into "Monet's Garden" and the vibrant "Room of Flowers," before transitioning to Van Gogh's realm, exploring the essence of his artistic brilliance.

Organizers have shared that a significant challenge of the exhibition is to creatively and harmoniously showcase the unique artistic journeys of both maestros.

A key feature of the exhibition is the "Immersive 720 Display" covering over 390sqm. This dynamic display utilizes vivid and sharp 720-degree image effects from all perspectives to narrate the life stories, artistic paths, and hidden meanings behind the artists' works.

The exhibition integrates multiple technologies, including 3D Mapping, Cylinder LED 360-degree displays, Laser Mapping, and Art Lighting Programming, for a complete multisensory interactive experience.

The cutting-edge technologies for the exhibition are provided by Vioso, a renowned global mapping company based in Germany. Building on the success of the "Van Gogh Art Lighting Experience" in Vietnam, Vioso and partners like First Interactive Technology are set to offer fresh, diverse experiences with the "Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience."

Beyond introducing a new art appreciation method to the Vietnamese audience, the exhibition is paving the way for an "Art Connection Hub," aiming to become the largest-scale arts hub in Vietnam, fostering collaboration among domestic and international artists and offering innovative art and technology blends.

Looking ahead, the organizers have revealed plans to host a special event featuring "Conan" in Vietnam, a first-of-its-kind event outside Japan, scheduled for early July.

The "Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience" is organized by Jazzy Paradise Company and First Interactive Technology, with the participation of Gigamall Vietnam and Vioso, and sponsorship from Nam A Bank and SET Education.

Source: VNA