The six-day contest, which began on March 13 at the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, is part of the NESCAFE Plan project developed by Nestle Vietnam and the Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI). 

 At the contest. Photo:

Each district has sent a team of 30-40 farmers chosen from among participants in the project, which has been implemented in the Central Highlands since 2011.

Following training in sustainable coffee production by agricultural and WASI experts, these farmers have embraced advanced technologies to improve their productivity and income.

The contest tests their knowledge of methods to improve the soil, how to properly fertilize coffee plants and prevent diseases, production processes and labor safety equipment, farming diary notes and others.

It will not only help contestants improve their farming knowledge but also provide a platform for them to exchange information and experience in coffee production and trading with each other and with experts from the project.

The project has so far helped 21,000 farmers obtain the 4C international coffee certificate, distributed more than 15 million high-yield, disease-resistant coffee seedlings to farmers to replant, and provided training to nearly 150,000 farmers, enabling them to effect a 40 percent saving in water and 20 percent in fertilizers and raise their income by 40 percent.

Its model of growing other crops among coffee trees has helped double farmers’ incomes and improve the soil.

Source: VNA