The diverse culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups was spotlighted at a festival which took place in Hanoi from November 18-24.

Nearly 400 artists and villagers from 16 ethnic groups across the country brought their cultural identities to the festival “the National Great Solidarity - Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Week” at the Culture-Tourism Village of Dong Mo in Son Tay town.

The festival not only offered a chance for people from different ethnic groups to meet and join cultural activities but also became a bridge to connect them together.

“I feel glad as I can meet many people at the event. I will introduce our gong culture to them,” said Ma Don from Dak Lak province.

During the week-long festival, a unique market, or the kermis, of the northern mountainous region was set up to help visitors understand that it is not only a place to exchange goods but also a chance for locals, particularly those living in remote areas, to meet.

The Mong ethnic people from the region introduced how to weave brocade items to visitors. Meanwhile, Arieu Ping, the biggest festival of the Pako ethnic minority group in the central region to pay tribute to the deceased, was also held.

Visitors were also attracted by the well-known floating market of the people in the south.

“It is the first time I have seen the floating market of Can Tho city,” said Nguyen Thi Ha, a student. “I find it unique and interesting.”

The National Great Solidarity - Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Week aims to honour the cultural values of the Vietnamese ethnic groups, and helps strengthen the national unity, which plays a crucial role in national construction, protection and development.

Source: VNA